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Better Performance Through Insight

As the business environment has become increasingly competitive, the need to use corporate data as a strategic resource has intensified. However, most organizations in today's technology-based businesses are data rich and information poor. Much of the essential information needed to anticipate changing market conditions and customer preferences, forecast future demand for products and services, and develop profitable business plans is locked away in various transaction systems, spreadsheets and Web log files. Without the ability to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time, companies cannot stay competitive in today's fast-changing economy.

Business Performance Management (BPM) is not just the ability to view and investigate corporate information; it extends to the capability of planning for the future, applying multiple business scenarios, and modeling the impact of your future assumptions on the organizational performance and profitability.

AlHoshan's expertise in BPM can help organizations manage for profitable results by improving operational efficiency and leveraging opportunities for growth. Our business performance applications provide comprehensive support for the entire process of strategy setting, business modeling, planning, performance monitoring, reporting and analysis across the enterprise.

These applications complement existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and transaction systems by integrating data from multiple sources thereby providing a common view across the enterprise and enabling an integrated financial and performance management process that aligns individual goals with corporate objectives. Individual applications can be implemented separately. They provides a complete environment for collaborative and coordinated financial and operational management across the enterprise.


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