Career Development

Do you want to retain your talented employees and utilize all your employees more effectively?
 Employees value opportunities for development and advancement. Companies that provide career development services for their employees find that these services help with growing and retaining talented employees and result in happier and more productive employees. 

Alhoshan provides customized career development services to corporations on-site or at the Center. We offer individualized career development counseling and group workshops for employees and managers.

After individual career development counseling, employees say:

“It helped me define my likes and strengths so I can move toward the career I'm best suited for.”

“I learned that the things I was interested in could be found within my company.”

“It provided me with a structured process for evaluating my career path.”

We provide workshops such as:

  • Career Development Seminars
  • Coaching Employees on Career Development – for managers
  • Conducting Career Development Discussions – for managers
  • Personality and Leadership Style
  • Team Building
  • Dealing with Office Politics
  • Managing Change
  • Other customized programs