Enterprise Resource Planning

In recent years strategies across the corporate world have focused mainly on streamlining internal processes and operations. Analysts and strategists concluded that one of the ways to achieve “an efficient organization” was to cut down operational costs, downsize manpower utilization, optimize production, inventory control, and extract the maximum possible results from the bare minimum resources available. Organizations adopting such a strategy, inclined towards the “enterprise resource & planning systems” and “business process reengineering systems”.

We are in a strong position to help your organization deploy such a system. Our consultants have extensive business and industry knowledge and are fully competent in delivering critical new technology and business process, with a commitment to deliver the highest quality service to all customers to achieve maximum customer satisfaction throughout the entire life cycle of a customer solution.

Our services always keep this focus on 100% customer satisfaction.

AlHoshan ERP Services
We cater for the regional services and support requirements. Our services cover both the public and private sectors throughout the Middle East and North Africa, with a large, professional and competent resource of senior consultants.

Support & Maintenance
We cater across all functional and technical areas, in addition to operating systems, database, and networking expertise, to ensure our clients have the maximum benefits of a strong regional support provider

Our Support Services deliver support to all users in the customer organization. In order to provide our clients the best support, customer service specialists, designated to each client, have extensive knowledge of the industry in which the client operates and are ready to serve you and complement your IT team at all times.

AlHoshan offer Business Process specific ERP training.

AlHoshan Training services incorporates business process study, documentation, functional, technical, and conceptual training for management. These training sessions are conducted on site in a classroom environment, or in our state-of-the-art training center or on a one-to-one basis.

With a proven track record, AlHoshan have Arabized and localized a number of different business solutions to meet the requirements as set by local regulations.

Health Check and Optimisation
This gives your organization the peace of mind that your ERP system is being utilized in the most efficient manner.

AlHoshan assists you in the evaluation of the current state of your ERP system installation's and the business processes, with the objective to reduce the gap between them. It begins with an assessment of current production environment's and ends with a detailed analysis, explanation, and recommendations, with an approximate estimate of time and resources required to rectify problem areas, with a priority rating.

Performance Optimization
Performance Optimization is offered to assist you with the fine-tuning and configuration of the different system components. This service covers the operating systems, the database environment, the middleware, the application or even the business flow. Our expertise is not limited to the separate components, but includes the important connections and collaboration between these components. In addition, our expertise is not limited to the required technical skills alone. We combine them with industry-specific knowledge.

Fiscal Year-End Services
It is crucial for every organization to be in a position where they are themselves able to close books for the year. However this is not always possible, several factors can be attributed to this and frequently these are not addressed by the organization, resulting in long delays for year-end closing.

Senior consulting members from AlHoshan can assess your readiness for the year-end process and identify issues that may delay the closing of your books

Data Consistency
Data Consistency assists you in validating the integrity and accuracy of the data in your ERP System. If required, we will assist with recovery, rebuilding and/or correcting inconsistent data. This will enhance the predictability and reliability of the systems, reducing unexpected and costly system failures and downtime. Our experienced consultants will identify the root cause of the problems for you, rather than simply solving the symptoms.

Archiving Services
Our Archiving Services assists you in defining, setting up and, if required, executing an archive strategy. Our ultimate objective is to assist you reduce and gain control over the volume of data on production systems.

Our Archiving Services consists of an assessment of business requirements, a definition of the strategy and a final executive report and Archiving Plan

Customer Workshops
Customer Workshops wield the power to mould the knowledge and experience available within AlHoshan Consultants into literally any shape our customers require. It could be in the form of instructor-led training, a workshop or process development and re-engineering project, or any knowledge delivery medium that the customer defines.

System Administration Services
This service gives an organization a guaranteed piece of mind, by ensuring that a team of professionals will be administering the ERP system so crucial to the performance of their business.

ERP Outsourcing
Large and small enterprises have taken advantage from outsourcing non-core, transaction-based processes.

The increased need to focus on core competencies, heightened ERP and web implementation initiatives, consolidation across industries and a tight labor pool; have made this a feasible solution

AlHoshan Outsourcing services has allowed organizations to achieve market leading performance, penetrate new markets, enjoy new revenue streams and increase profits.